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Forthcoming Exhibitions:

'Summer Exhibition'

Lavit Gallery,

Wandesford Quay,

Cork, Ireland

15th June 2023 - 22nd July 2023

'Small and Mighty'

Online Exhibition

Ladies Drawing Club

Curated by Clüb and Louise Fitzjohn


10th June 2023 - 14th July 2023

Recent Exhibitions:

'Our Vision is Clouded'

Group Exhibition,

Warbling Collective,

Shoreditch, London, UK

2nd May 2023 - 7th May 2023

'I See Skies'

Solo Exhibition curated by Miguel Amado,

Triskel Arts Centre, Cork City, Ireland

1st December 2022 - 1st April 2023

(dates extended)

'Under a Crescent Moon'

Solo Exhibition, 

Rathfarnham Castle OPW, Dublin, Ireland

17th of February 2023 - 10th April 2023

(dates extended)

roisin o sullivan artist
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